our mission

Stretching from abundantly rich farmlands to the famous Jersey Shore, Monmouth County is an example for all of New Jersey–and for good reason. The Republican policies and leaders that serve our communities make Monmouth the best place to work, live, and raise a family.

We believe that the beauty, sovereignty, and traditions of Monmouth County are to be celebrated and defended, and that we are the stewards of this legacy - for the sake of our neighbors and our families.

The values of liberty and prosperity and not empty terms simply printed on our state flag:
they are our core values.

Our county is a model for how the American Dream should be experienced: low taxes with a business-friendly climate, coupled with a respect for our environment, institutions, and our constitutional freedoms.

"Our promise to current and future neighbors is that we will never tire of celebrating
and defending these values that make
Monmouth County, New Jersey, and the United States the best place to live,
work, and raise a family"

We are the Monmouth County Republican Party.

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